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Vintage Quantum Spin Doctors

We weren’t there when it happened…but we should have been!

It has been brought to our attention (please, Mom, be quiet!  People are reading…) that there may have been scientific discoveries of note before this website and the QSDWire went live (approximately October of 2011).

While we find this hard to believe, we can grudgingly admit that maybe there has been a time or two in the past when humanity could have benefited from Eta and V8‘s take on things.

And who are we to deny them or humanity?

So be on the lookout for the graphic below.  It will get in your way  clutter up the page  appear whenever we want it to “a story from the past” appears.  You know, about a topic that will make you scratch your head and say “gee, wasn’t that last decade’s news?”  And you may be right (about that “last decade” thing).  But we suggest you read it, anyway (yes, Mom, you too).  Because sometimes time (say that ten times fast) gives a perspective on things that…well…oh, heck, just read the darn things!

Vintage Quantum Spin Doctors


  1. I do say, old chap, you’re looking rather piqued.

  2. Bully. Bully. Or, um, tally ho!

  3. Ok, I get the whole “vintage” thing, but what’s with the photoshop editing here? Was this done by a fifth grader?

  4. Hmmm. It does appear that the photo editing has not advanced beyond the “vintage” state…

  5. I think what we have here is a very loose use of the word “editing”, you know, instead of the more appropriate term “hack job.”

  6. Why do we even need this category, anyway? We didn’t meet you guys until recently!

  7. I think it’s more of a matter of, uh, author laziness.

  8. Yeah, that would be pretty consistent with what we know about these authors.

  9. So, we can just do that? We can just go back to anything and bring it into the QSDWire?

  10. It’s like the ultimate mulligan.

  11. Yeah, that sentence just kinda summarizes this whole site, doesn’t it?

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