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Space Plush V838 Monocerotis

Quantum Spin Doctors brings the galaxy to you – in the form of a plush pillow!

Enjoy the famous "light echo" star at its most famous - the popular "Van Gogh" image!

This 3D galactic plush has photo-real images, straight from Hubble

Flip to the back of the pillow to see an earlier view of the light echo

Mixes well with other plush friends on your sofa!

The best way currently known to hug a galactic object

Front Side

The famous “light echo” image from February 2004

Back Side

An earlier image of V838 Mon, from September 2002

Engineered for hugging

The V838 Mon plush is soft, squeezable and oh-so hugable!

Tell us more about V838 Monocerotis


“V838 Monocerotis is a mystery star. Unknown before January 6, 2002, on that date V838 flared and briefly became one of the most luminous stars in our Milky Way galaxy. No one knows why, but light from the flare continued to reflect from gas and dust surrounding the star, creating a beautiful, changing LIGHT ECHO. ”

“In the case of V838 Monocerotis, the light echo produced was unprecedented and is well documented in images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. While the photos appear to depict an expanding spherical shell of debris, they are actually formed by the illumination of an ever-expanding ellipsoid with the progenitor star at one focus and the observer at the other. Hence, despite appearances, the structures in these photos are actually concave toward the viewer. In other words, the light is reflecting dust that is mostly ‘behind’ the star, not in ‘front’ of it. ”


“We’ve taken the cataclysmic event of the death throes of a star…and made it cute and cuddly.

No more do you need a really powerful telescope to enjoy the beauty that is V838 Mon. You don’t even need a computer.

Now you can rest on V838 Mon. Cuddle V838 Mon. Relax on top of V838 Mon.

Plush V838 Mon. Just what the doctor (Astronomer, that is) ordered.”

Quantum Spin Doctors

Frequently Asked Questions

When will it be available?

Due to production delays, we are now targeting early in 2018.

Can I buy one?

Of course! You just have to wait until it’s available.

How big is it?

It’s a little over 12 inches in diameter and about 5 inches at its fluffiest.

What is it made of?

High quality consumer plush and filling…fully complying with all US requirements for plush toys.

Why would I want one?

Because it’s a galactic object…plush! It’s cool. It’s cuddly. It’s comforting, in an astronomical sense.

Why V838 Monocerotis?

Because the “Van Gogh” image of the light echo is a seminal image in astronomical photography. Many have seen it. And it’s beautiful.

Why are the two sides different?

Since the images of V838’s light echo’s progression were all roughly the same shape, Quantum Spin Doctors decided to give you twice the plush for the money!  🙂

Will there be any other galactic plushes?

Wink wink. Keep you eyes on

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

And if you want a heads up when the V838 Monocerotis plush is available, let us know and we’ll let YOU know!